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Youth Science Center is in
Room 17 at Bixby Elementary School
(across from Wilson High School)
16446 Wedgeworth Drive
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
(626) 854-9825
Get set for another exciting summer of science fun!  Tell your friends and get
a $25 certificate for any new family that signs up for classes.  These certificates can be used to take classes or in the YSC store.

        Youth Science Center News 

The YSC is scheduled to open to the general public starting on Monday, April 6 from 2:30 to 4:00 pm.   Visitors must enter through the main Bixby School entrance, turn left down the hallway and exit through the double glass doors.   The YSC exhibits are in portable Room 17 across the open area.  Call ahead to (626) 588-7818 to confirm your visit.  Open days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

   YSC Volunteer Doris Hofmann shows Bixby students the proper way 
    of holding a Tarantula spider.

         Meet our latest reptile!  This is a juvenile yellow bearded dragon 
                                        obtained from La Habra Pets

YSC inquiry coach Carlos Baldeon describes a rock sample to a group of first grade Bixby students at an after school class.

   YSC volunteer Billy Wong (M.S. Archeology, 2014, Univ. of London) shows students the

 inner workings of the human body.  


The Youth Science Center receives $25,000 grant from the 

S. Mark Taper Foundation.


We are so excited to announce that The Youth Science Center has received a $25,000 grant from the S. Mark Taper Foundation. We're honored to partner with the S. Mark Taper Foundation and excited for the future.


The S. Mark Taper Foundation grant will be used to enhance our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math programs and expand our reach and impact in the community. Working with cutting-edge technology such as 3-D printers and the latest software, our programs inspire lifelong learning and real-world problem solving.


"Partnering with the S. Mark Taper Foundation helps our organizations in so many ways," said Board Chairman Ron Chong. "We'll be able to do more, have greater impact, and really make a difference."


"The S. Mark Taper Foundation is proud to be associated with the work of the Youth Science Center," says Adrienne Wittenberg, Executive Director of the S. Mark Taper Foundation. "We wish you continued success."


The S. Mark Taper Foundation, founded in 1989, is a private family foundation dedicated to enhancing the quality of people's lives by supporting nonprofit organizations and their work in our communities. http://www.smtfoundation.org/

YSC Selected as a Microsoft Community Partner

Microsoft Logo

As a community partner for the new Microsoft store in the Los Cerritos Center, the YSC was awarded a grant for $5,000 for hardware.  These funds will be used to obtain new laptop computers for use in our 3D Printing Lab this summer.  A separate software grant will be used to obtain copies of Microsoft Office.   Our thanks to Microsoft for making this possible.  


YSC Awarded Grant by SoCal Gas

SoCal Gas provided a $5,000 grant for the EcoVoices Community Outreach project:  Preparing Youth to be Next Generation Scientists.  The funds are being used
to provide staff support to train high school youths to learn how to teach science to younger students.  

Below on the left,  Schurr HS senior Taitianna Sum and Melisa Lopez, a South El Monte HS senior, assist Bixby after school students in a lesson on animals. The  elementary students are learning how to draw and write information about these animals.



Shelyn Elementary Students Launch Rockets

    February 18 -- Shelyn Elementary GATE students launched their Shuttle Express rockets.  The rocket has 2 space shuttle models which detach at the apogee of the flight and lands on their own.  Shelyn GATE teacher Pam Hessom  is kneeling in the picture above.   The school is in the Rowland district.



  Watch the exciting launch and parachute recovery of the Shuttle Express 

  main rocket here.

Science and Education News

  Universities and Colleges are racing to build 5 star facilities to attract students.   The average student debt after leaving college is $30,800.
Is it worth it?  Read this February 6, 2015 New York Times Article.

                                         Free PC and Mac Online Classes

This website is an expression of gratitude by a passionate teacher (David A. Cox) who wants you to learn how to better use the technology at your finger tips.   Ths site is 100% free to the public.  He only asks that you tell your friends!  The website is

            NATIONAL Pi DAY IS 3.14

The number Pi represents the relationship between a circle's diameter (its width) and its circumference (the distance around the circle).  It is one of the most important and fascinating mathematical and physical constants found in mathematics, science and
engineering. One of the reasons for this is that it is an
irrational number--consequently, its decimal representation never ends or repeats.  Throughout history, scholars have been fascinated with studying Pi and understanding its nature, and this has carried over into popular culture as well.  The U.S. House of Representatives declared March 14th to be National Pi Day in celebration of Pi and in encouraging more funding and research to be devoted to math and science programs for students. Many universities around the world celebrate Pi Day be having events devoted to educating the public about Pi
 and eating pies and pizza pies. 

                Career and Technical Education Is Tied to STEM

A video financed by SkillsUSA's national Teamworks technical committee offers an introduction to the concept of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and explains how SkillsUSA training is directly and inextricably connected with STEM concepts. In fact, SkillsUSA - and Career and Technical Education (CTE) in general - IS STEM. 


CTE is an important part of STEM educational goals established by the Department of Education. CTE is a catalyst for STEM education. We know there are unfilled STEM jobs and the gap for students in STEM fields is widening.


Often times when individuals think about STEM, they think of scientists and engineers, which is a right target. However, what doesn't come to mind are the numerous high wage, high skilled, high demand careers for which CTE is preparing students.


The magic of CTE is that the definition of STEM is not just science or technology, engineering or math, but the integration of two or more of these topics in a context that students are passionate about. Without the combination of two or more of the STEM components, you are not teaching STEM. That is why CTE is a perfect fit for STEM education.


View the  CTE YouTube video here.

3-D Printing News

   A new 3-D printed vehicle pays homage to the classic Shelby Cobra in celebration of the racing car's 50th anniversary.  The new high speed printer took only 24 hours of print time.  See a picture and article of the car printed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory  

   Boy Scouts and other youth groups are creating 3-D printed prosthetic hands for children for a material cost of less than $50.  For the February 16, 2015 New York Times article, click 

   Brooklyn-based 3-D printer maker Makerbot announced that it is taking applications for paid summer internship programs.  This is a 2-month program beginning June 15.  At this writing there were 19 intern positions available.  For more information click here.

   Keep up with the latest in 3-D printing news and products at this  link.


Community Activities


  Saturday March 7, 1 to 3 pm.  Springtime celebration at Galster Park Nature Center, 1620 Aroma Drive in West Covina.  Bring the kids for a free seed planting activity.


  Saturday  March 7, 10 am to 3 pm.  Annual Cherry Blossom Festival at Schabarum Park, corner of Azusa Avenue and Colima Road.  The YSC will be exhibiting at the festival.  Cultural dances, Taiko drumming, food and fun activities.  Free Event.  There is a car parking fee or walk in.


   Saturday April 18, 10 am to 2 pm.  Annual Earth Day event at the Sanitation District parking lot, 1955 Workman Mill Road in north Whittier. Lots of activities for the family and exhibitors promoting the environment.  Park in the Crossroads Parkway parking lot and take the free shuttle.  YSC will be at this event.  Free event.


   Saturday April 18, 10 am to 2 pm.  Grand opening of the Rowland Heights Community Center on Pathfinder Road.  Supervisor Don Knabe will be there for the opening ceremonies.   There will be a children's activity section on the tennis court and the YSC will be exhibiting.


Community Involvement Opportunity


Bring $25,000 to your community - State Farm Neighborhood Assist®


Have you ever wanted to help your community with a problem but didn't know where to start? Maybe it's a run-down park or to help the impoverished in your community.  Now, YOU have the power to fix it.  State Farm Neighborhood Assist wants to help identify and address key issues faced by consumers throughout the United States and parts of Canada.


State Farm Neighborhood Assist, a crowd-sourced philanthropic initiative, lets communities determine where grant funding is awarded, exclusively through Facebook.  The application is short and simple, and I encourage you to learn more by visiting www.statefarm.com/NeighborhoodAssist or by watching this short video. You, or someone you know, could be the catalyst for positive change to your community cause!


The submission phase is open from March 9 - March 29and each Facebook user who downloads the free application can submit up to three causesAnyone in the United States with a Facebook account is eligible to submit a cause. It's better to submit early - a maximum of 4,000 submissions will be accepted.  All you have to do is submit the cause; you don't have to "run the program." The cause must fit into the categories of safety, community development or education.   


After the submission stage ends, the State Farm Youth Advisory Board (YAB), a group of college and high school students from across the country, will read and narrow down all the submissions to the top 200 finalists. What the YAB is looking for: 



  • How much does your "Cause" focus on an unmet need in this community?
  • Why do you feel the $25,000 would address the unmet need?
  • How much of a lasting impact on this community would the proposal have?


Once the top 200 causes are identified, they will appear on the Facebook application to be voted on by you and your community.  The voting stage will last from May 14 - June 3 and each Facebook user gets 10 votes every day. Winners will be announced on June 16. 


Please share this amazing opportunity with your colleagues, friends and family and help spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.  Together, you and State Farm can help create safer, better educated and more engaged communities! 







48th Ag District News

48th Ag Logo 

Read the latest 48th Ag November-December 2014 newsletter here.  This newsletter contains a lesson for Grades 5 - 8, "Water Cycle in a Cup."  The district will have its annual AgFair at the Pomona Fairplex May 12-16, 2015.  The theme is "Know Soil, Know Life."
The 48th DAA office is located at Building F10 Farm Road, Mt San Antonio College Campus, 1100 N Grand Avenue, Walnut 91789. They have a wide variety of agriculture resource materials available to teachers.  Teachers who receive the materials agree to have their students participate in the annual fair in May at the Fairplex in Pomona.   Phone (909) 274-2433 for more information.




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Visiting the Hacienda Heights Youth Science Center

The Youth Science Center operates a hands-on science center which is currently closed while we move our operations to Bixby Elementary School in Hacienda Heights.  Call for 
open hours.
Call (626) 854-9825 for information on the opening date.
Visiting guests can also enjoy the Youth Science Center store, which is stocked with various science related materials.  For more information regarding the Youth Science Center please call (626) 854-9825.
The official newsletter of the Youth Science Center is published February, April, June, October and December.  The Youth Science Center was founded in 1962 in Fullerton.  The Hacienda Heights branch was established in 1984.  The Youth Science Center's Tax ID Number is 95-2273238.  




YSC Board of Directors:                                       Youth Science Center Staff:
Chairman: Ron Chong                                            Museum and Summer Director: Diana Padilla
Vice-Chairman:  Roger Huynh                                 
Treasurer:  Philip Teders                                       Summer Principals: Phyllis Vandeventer and Dee Rathan
Ted Ebenkamp                                     Summer Registration:  Caroline Weatherford  
Members of the Board of Directors:                     Star Lab Instructors:  Patricia Smith and Lyle Majeska
Dee Rathman                      Vicky Soong                
Derek Rojas                         Drexel Smith               Member at Large: Rolin Soong, Liz Lin         
Phyllis Vandeventer                                                Kim Bach, Pat Smith, Judy Chong
                                                                             Program Development Officer:  Dr. Richard Shope  
                                                                             Project Manager:  Diana Padilla
                                                                             Project WET Instructor:  Paul Burns
                               Store Purchasing:  Vicky Soong
                                                                              Antenna Editor: Ron Chong
                                                                              Bookkeeping:  Edy Au and Vicki Lee

Circulation this issue:  1,377
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